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What is Network Cable?

What is Network cable?

Usually made of metal or glass,a cable that connects computers to computers and computers to other network connecting line.

There are three common types of network cable: twisted pair, coaxial cable, and fiber optic cable (optical fiber). A twisted pair is a data transmission line consisting of many pairs of wires. Its characteristic is cheap, so it is widely used. Twisted pair cables are used to connect to RJ45 crystal heads. There are STP and UTP, and UTP is commonly used.

UTP is the most frequently used network cable in the LAN. The network cable is wrapped in a plastic insulation wrapper with eight signal wires, two of which are wrapped around each other to form a total of four pairs, hence the name twisted pair. The purpose of twired-pair winding is to use the electromagnetic fields generated by the current in the copper wire to interact with each other to cancel out interference from the neighboring lines and reduce interference from the outside world. The number of times each pair of wires is wound around each other per inch of length determines the ability to resist interference and the quality of communication. The more tightly wound, the higher the communication quality, the higher the network data transfer rate, and the higher the cost.




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