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How to distinguish between single-mode fiber and multimode fiber?

How to distinguish between single-mode fiber and multimode fiber?

1. Core diameter

①. single mode fiber core diameter 8-10µm,cladding diameter 125µm.

②. Multi mode fiber core diameter 50µm-62.5µm,cladding diameter 125µm.

2. Colour

①. single mode patch cord colour is yellowconnector and cladding colour is bule.

②. Multi mode patch cord usually colour is aqua green,connector and cladding is black or beige.

3. Light source

①. Single mode fiber with laser as light sourcethis is a single light source,it can be precisely controlled and has high power.

②. With LED as the light source, the light generated is relatively scattered.

4. Modal Dispersion

①. Single-mode fiber lasers produce light of a single wavelength, and its modal dispersion is smaller than that of multimode fibers.

②.Multimode fiber is a LED light source that produces a series of wavelengths that propagate at different speeds, resulting in multimode dispersion, which limits the transmission distance of multimode fiber.

5. Bandwidth

①. Single mode cables may accommodate more powerful, brighter light sources with less attenuation .

②. Multimode relies on the transmission of several light modes with increased attenuation and lower brightness.

6. Price

①The price of single-mode fiber is low, and the cost of equipment is high

②.The price of multimode fiber is high, and the cost of equipment is low.

7. Transmission distance

①. Single-mode fiber runs at a data rate of 100M/s or 1G/s, and the transmission distance can reach at least 5KM. Typically, single-mode fiber is used for long-distance signal transmission.

②. Multimode fiber is mainly used for short-distance optical fiber communication, such as in buildings or campuses. When the transmission speed is 100M/s, the transmission distance can reach 2km.



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