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Stranded Wire Process

Stranded wire process

what is stranded wire?

Several single wires of the same diameter or different diameters are twisted together in a certain direction and according to certain rules to from an overall twisted core.

一、Stranded wire classift

1.Normal stranding

Normal stranding can be divided into average concentric single strand.

2.Stranded and normal concentric stranding

a.normal stranding:single stranded wire of the same diameter is stranded regularly in concentric circles layer by layer,each layer in the opposite direction.

b.Stranded: by the same diameter, different materials or different diameters, different materials of single-stranded wire (such as overhead wires).

c.Normal concentric stranding: a stranded wire made of multiple strands of ordinary stranded wire or bundle wire stranded concentrically.

3.Irregular stranded (stranded wire)

Stranded wire is formed by multiple single strands in the same direction and is not in compliance with the stranding rules. The position of the single strands is not fixed, and the shape of the strands is challenging to maintain in a round shape.

二、Characteristics of stranded wire core

Good flexibility: The use of multiple smaller diameter monofilaments twisted into a core can improve the bending ability of the cable and facilitate the processing, manufacturing, installation and laying of wires and cables.

Good stability: Multiple monofilaments are twisted into a wire core according to a certain direction and twisting rules, because the position of each monofilament in the stranded wire is alternately in the elongation zone of the upper part of the stranded wire and the lower part of the stranded wire. A compression zone where the strands do not deform when they are bent.

Good reliability: The use of single wires as conductors of wires and cables is easily affected by the unevenness of the material or defects produced in the twisting process. Defects such as the use of multiple single wires twisted into a core will cause Without dispersion, it will not be concentrated on a certain point of the conductor, and the reliability of the conductive core will be much stronger.

High strength: Compared with a single wire of the same cross-section size and multiple stranded wire cores, the strength of the stranded wire core is higher than that of the single wire.

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