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How to choose cables manufacture material?

How to choose cables manufacture material?

Main material:

1.Conductor material

Adports non-ferrous metals with excellent electrical conductivity such as copper, aluminum, copper-clad steel, copper-clad aluminum, etc., with optical fibers as conductors. Main materials: bare copper wire, tinned wire; single branch wire, stranded wire; twisted tinned wire.

2. Insulation material

A component that covers the periphery of a conductor and plays an electrical insulating role.that is to say, it can ensure that the transmitted current, electromagnetic waves, and light waves only travel along the wire and do not flow outside. The potential on the conductor (that is, the potential difference formed on the surrounding objects, that is, the voltage) can be isolated, that is, it is necessary to ensure the normal transmission of the wire function, but also to ensure the safety of external objects and people. conductor and insulation layers are the two basic components that must be included in cable products (except bare wires).main materials: PVC, PE, XLPE, polypropylene PP, fluoroplastic F, rubber, paper, mica tape .

3. Filling material

Many wire and cable products are multi-core. After these insulated wire cores or wire pairs are cabled (or grouped into cables multiple times), firstly, the shape is not round, and secondly, there is a large gap between the insulated wire cores, so it must be The filling structure is added when the cable is formed. The filling structure is to make the outer diameter of the cable relatively round, which is convenient for wrapping tape and squeezing the sheath. Main materials: PP rope, fireproof mud, ceramic tape.

4. Shield material

It is a component that isolates the electromagnetic field in the cable product from the external electromagnetic field; some cable products also need to be isolated from each other between different wire pairs (or wire groups) within them. It can be said that the shielding layer is a kind of "electromagnetic isolation screen". The conductor shielding and insulation shielding of high-voltage cables are intended to equalize the distribution of the electric field. Main materials: bare copper wire, copper-clad steel wire, tinned copper wire

5. Protective layer material

When wire and cable products are installed and operated in various environments, they must have components that protect the entire product, especially the insulation layer, such as an anti-corrosion outer sheath, which is the sheath. Because insulating materials are required to have excellent various electrical insulation properties, they must have extremely high purity and minimal impurity content; often it is impossible to take into account their ability to protect the outside world, so for the outside world (i.e. installation, use occasions and use) ) The ability to withstand or resist various mechanical forces, resistance to atmospheric environments, resistance to chemicals or oils, prevention of biological damage, and reduction of fire hazards must be borne by various sheathing structures. Main materials: PVC, PE, rubber, aluminum, steel belt

6. Strength member

Typical structures are steel core aluminum stranded wires, fiber optic cables, etc. In short, tensile components play a major role in the development of special products that are small, soft and require multiple bends and twists. Main material: steel wire.



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