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Wire Cable Double Twist Stranding Bunching Machine


This machine applies to bunch conductor for Earphone wire,Electronic wire,Telephone wire,Automotive wire,Medical instrument,Aerosapace etc.
Suitable conductor:above senven pcs of alloy wires,tinned wires,silver jacketed wire,enamelled wire and other super fine conductors.

- Stable tension
Constant tension from empty to full bobbin, the machine can automatically track and adjust take up tension, can adjust tension
without stopping.
- High quality stranding wire
Th wire-passing system adopts a new structure and the wire directly passed from the main shaft guide wheel to bow band, so the
scratching and jumping phenomenon caused by failure of the corner guide wheel on the Al wheel is subtracted.
- Reduce the failure rate and maintenance costs
The main engine is oil lubricated and naturally circulated and cooled, which effectively extends the service life of the main
shaft bearings.
The bearings of the whole machine are all well-known Japan brands, The bow belt is made of new materials and has good flexibility.
In high-speed operation, it avoids jumping stock caused by vibration. Inverter, magnetic powder clutch, electromagnetic brake,
hydraulic jack etc are all imported famous brands.
- Easy to operate
Siemens software, PLC control, Operate on the touch screen, change gear to change lay length.

Machine type GF-650
Single wire diameter Φ0.16-1.0mm
Stranding cross-section area 0.8-6.0mm2
Stranding pitch 11.15-60.24mm
Volume of loading copper(Max.) 400kg
Twist arch speed(Max.) 1800rpm/min
Stranding direction
Automatic stop 1. Automatic brake for inside and outside wire broken
2. Automatic meter-counting send signal to inform when set meter is reached
Bearing Main bearings from Sweden, subsidiary bearings from Japan
Main motor power 7.5KW frequency control
Noise index About 75dB
Take-up shaft Φ500mm,Φ630mm
Machine size 2900*1500*1650
Machine weight 3350kg

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