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LSZH PVC Tight buffered fiber production Line

1. Structure speed: 350m/min
2. Production outer diameter: 0.6-0.9mm
3. Fiber tension: 0.4N-1.2N±0.05N
4. Reel specifications: standard 25KM and 50KM reel
5. Reel specification: diameter 235mm-400mm
6. Additional loss: ≤0.02DB/KM (SM fiber)
7. Production line length: ≤22M
8. Power supply requirements: 35KVA, AC380V ±10% 50HZ three-phase five-wire
9. Normal machine running power need:≈17KW/h.
10. Production capacity: ≈18km/h( PVC ), ≈12km/h( LSZH )

Tight coating line is used to extrude tight buffer fiber which the diameter is 0.6mm and 0.9mm.The extruding material can be PVC, LSZH,hytrel

1. Precision special small extruder and precision fine adjustment machine head. The outer diameter of the cable is uniform, the core degree is high, the outer diameter is automatically feedbacked, and the cable diameter curve can be traced back.
2. The vacuum system is adjustable in vacuum and can be linked to the line speed.
3. Optical fiber is motorized released. The tension is precisely constant and the additional loss is small.
4. Temperature control is controlled by imported OMRON temperature control meter, and temperature control is accurate.
5. Double-reels automatic change, the operation is stable and reliable.
6. International industrial computer technology control system with high degree of automation, it can be linked with MES, ERP systems, real time tracking and managing production.
7. The main control systems and components are international famous brands, and the production line has high stability and reliability.

Number of optical fiber Pay-off

2 spools

Optical fiber pay-off tension


Optical fiber reel size



Structure speed


Working speed


Tight buffer fiber dia

0.6mm , 0.9mm

Extruded material




Metering accuracy


Installed power

About 30KW

NO All parts’ name and specification of QTY
1 double-heads drive pay-off rack 1set
2 φ30mm main extruder 1set
3 25KG hopper dryer and automatic sucking machine


4 free adjustable head 1set
5 IPC+PLC control cabinet


6 2.5M primary and secondary movable heating water trough 1set
7 laser diameter gauge 1set
8 8M single-layer U-type fixed type cooling water trough 1set
9 single-wheel capstan 1set
10 take up tension dancer 1set
11 semi-auto double-shaft take-up machine 1set
13 Preheat oven 1set
14 Stand-by parts 1set
15 Providing tools 1set
16 Providing data 1set

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