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Automatic Tumbling Silicone Rubber Mixer

Main motor power:15kw
Primary feed charge (Kg): Silicone 25-30KG(or according to the actual material)

Applicable :used for silicon rubber, rubber, plastic extrusion factory, transmission belt plant, conveyor plant,rubber products factory, shoe factory, cable factory, rubber pipe plant, sealing parts.

Name WRK-150 WRK-230 WRK-300 WRK-360 WRK-400 WRK-450
Roller diameter (mm) 150 230 300 360 400 450
Roller length (mm) 500 630 700 900 1000 1200
Pre-roller rotation speed (rpm) 16.50 17.58 17.49 17.97 18.86 17.54
Back-roller rotation speed (rpm) 14.87 14.76 15.21 14.23 14.82 13.78
Material input one time (kg) 1-5 10 18 25 40 50
Reducer casing Model ZQ-250 ZQ-350 ZQ-500 ZQ-650 ZQ-650 ZQ-750
Reduction ratio 11.8 12.64 15.75 12.64 12.64 20.25
Motor Model Y112M-4 Y160L-6 Y200L2-6 Y225M-6 Y280S-6 Y280M-6
Power (kw) 4 11 22 30 45 55
Rotation speed (rpm) 1440 970 970 980 980 980
Weight (kg) 1000 2500 4000 6500 8000 12500
Machine size (mm) 1050*730*1250 2600*1300*1300 3200*1350*1500 3800*1700*1700 4250*1850*1800 5200*2500*1800

The open mixing mill is a new type mixing mill with main motor being under the double rollers and reducer being installed into the right frame,so that the machine occupies less space with compact structure and it is very easy to install,operate and move.
1. Rollers: the roller adopts chilled cast iron alloy (LTG-H) with 75-80 HS ,after quenching and precision processing with long service life,so the surface is hard and wearable;it is harder than others the commom is 72HS.
2. Emergency Stop Device:The machine is also equipped with emergency stop buttons or emergency pull rod. When an emergency happens, just press the emergency button or pull the pull rod,the machine will stop immediately. It is safe and reliable;
3.Motors:  We always use OMRON,SIMENS ect brand electric parts or you can choice the ordinary brand.all the motor is high quality and effiency,save energy,low noise,small vibration.
4. Overload: This open mixing mill has overload  protection devices, Machine will be stopped automatically, if overloaded;
5. Gear Box:The transmission system adopts hardened reducer,which has a compact structure with higher transmission efficiency,lower noise and longer service life(ZQ reducer and planetary reducer is optional);
6. Bearing Bush:Double Row Spherical Roller Bearing can save energy by 20-30%(Nylon Bushing and Brass Bush is optional);
7. Structure:The base and frame are welded and treated by annealing for stress relieving;
8. Sealing Device:The seal structure with special design can eliminate the leaking phenomenon of lubricating oil;
9.Cooling system:circulation of steam and tap water can be through rollers to control the temperature
10.Safe Electrical Parts: All electrical connections are safe:short circuit is not possible by any means.

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