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1-4 Cores Indoor And Outdoor FTTH FTTX Drop Cable Production Line

1. Structure speed: 190m/min
2. Fiber tension: 0.4N-1.2N±0.05N
3. Additional loss: ≤0.02DB/KM (SM fiber)
4. Production line length: ≤26M
5. Power supply requirements: 63KVA, AC380V ±10% 50HZ three-phase five-wire
6. Normarl machine running power need: ≈35KW/h.
7. Production capacity: ≈9km/h( ftth cable 2.0X3.0mm), ≈7km/h( ftth cable 2.0X5.0mm),

This Optical cable production line makes FTTH drop fiber optic cable 2.0x3.0mm, 2.0x5.0mm. Cable structure: bare fibers + steel wires/FRP strengthen members + LSZH/PVC/PE sheath, and other similar cables.

1, Precision special extruder and precision free adjustment head, the extruder is suitable for materials such as PVC, LSZH, PE and other materials.
2. The surface of the cable is smooth.
3. Optical fibers are motorized released. The tension is precisely constant and the additional loss is small.
4. The temperature control is controlled by imported OMRON temperature control meter, and the temperature control is accurate.
5, double-reels automatic take-up, stable and reliable operation, automatic line-receiving of the take-up line, no need to rewind.
6, International industrial computer technology control system with high degree of automation, it can be linked with MES, ERP systems, real time tracking and managing production.
7. The main control systems and components are international famous brands, and the production line has high stability and reliability.


50/70×25 Extruder

extrusion material


structure speed


production speed

Max.130m/min with LSZH material

No of optical fiber pay-off reels


Pay-off tension of  fiber


Specification of reinforcement pay-off

PN400 reels and ø254×ø116×ø180×ø32 reels

reinforcement Specification


Pay-off tension of reinforcement


Take-up tension


Take-up reels Specification

PN400-PN630 reel(central shaft hole diameter ø 56)

excess loss after extrusion

1550nm<=0.02dB/km(single mold optical fiber)

Center height of machine

1000mm from background

Items Qty.
Φ800 Stengthen member steel wire pay-off(for 1.0/1.2mm steel wire) 1set
12 heads fiber/ FRP/ small Steel wire pay-off 1set
Mobile mold supporting 1set
50 extruder 1set
50kg Dryer +hopper 1set
IPC+PLC program control systerm 1set
2.5mm moving water trough and warm water tank 1set
8mm fixed type cooling water trough and cooling water tank 1set
X-Type laser diameter gauge 1set
640+400mm dual-wheel capstan 1set
9m cable accumulator 1set

400-630mm shafless type dual-shaft take-up


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